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A great part of Francine’s life has revolved around movement, travel, health & well being. Now, as a professional photographer, it makes sense that she keeps being drawn back to those early “loves”. She equally enjoys working with industry professionals, athletes and small to medium businesses in order to boost their visual identities on any platform. Francine’s photo shoots are natural and relaxed, professional and creative. She has a great appreciation for beauty & excellence.

Travelling broadens ones’ horizon. Being Swiss, Francine’s studies of Tourism Management in her teens well suited her early love for travel. She started travelling when she was very young and adopted a keen interest for different cultures, foods and traditions. Growing up without mobile phones Francine remembers watching the light in different places, seasons and times of day and trying to draw and paint what she saw.

When she was about 9 years old the walls of Francine’s bedroom was covered in magazine ads. Her favourites were beauty product ads with black and white portraits (Davidoff Cool Water, Calvin Klein, Chanel). In her twenties she got her dream job of working in Marketing for large beauty corporations in Switzerland which got her closer to that world of advertising & photography. Francine’s first real exposure with professional photography was training and working as a Make up Artist in New York City. She’d finish her day job and race off to do make up for fashion shoots on NYC roof tops, the Empire State Building and other crazy locations around town. In hindsight it was not the glitz and glam that attracted Francine to those shiny magazine ads but the final product that you get after a shoot.

Funny enough anything to do with sports and movement started out being almost traumatic for Francine who absolutely hated sports at an early age. Tennis and Dance training later on changed her perception and she now calls herself a “movement fanatic”. Her earliest favourite quote was “Any type of motion is better than no motion” which is still true today. As a student of martial arts for almost 20 years and now also a teacher Francine is very familiar with movement patterns and never likes to sit still for too long. Capturing movement is one of her big passions.

BEAUTY // Beauty is very subjective. There is beauty in movement, abundantly in nature, in a face or a gesture. We all perceive it somewhat differently. Photography has taught me to actually see, to find those details that seem to draw the viewer in instinctively. It’s the little things we often oversee.

HARMONY // I seem to have a natural affinity for finding elements, textures and natural lighting that give a balanced and pleasant feel to a picture but then I like to break it by adding dynamic movement. In martial arts we talk a lot about the relationship of tension and relaxation. One can’t be without the other and together they create balance.

EXCELLENCE // As a Swiss I believe that the strive to quality & excellence is as much ingrained in me than the need for Chocolate! I don’t do things half way and I love working with professionals in their field.

MOVEMENT // Probably my biggest drive in life is movement. This is obviously physical movement but also movement in nature (waves, trees) and movement in thoughts. I believe stagnation of any kind is the death of anything.

LIGHT // My style of photography is often described as “cinematic”. Most likely because I try to show and capture movement in a certain way. I like using what is naturally available and am not very big on “posing” or bit set ups.

what about you?

But now enough about the photographer. What about you, what is your story and what are your passions? Whether you are a small business or an industry professional looking for strong branding photos, I’d love to help you put your ideas and visions into some amazing pictures!

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