About Me

About Me


Francine is a Swiss born, Melbourne based photographer who has traveled extensively. With a background in Marketing and Business Management, she does not only offer you great photography but delivers a complete visual solution that will have your brand values at heart and is aimed at generating the best result possible for you. Francine is fluent in English, German and French and has an affinity for different cultures and traditions.

In order to ensure that the photos look and feel like you or your brand, you will be highly involved in the initial process of getting your idea into something more concrete. Francine often works with mood boards, taking your existing vision and tweaking certain elements to turn it into a unique, authentic and solid visual concept.  

As an intuitive rather than technical photographer Francine does not believe in posing people but rather likes to be inspired by how they naturally move and interact.  Her clients appreciate that she is a very non intrusive photographer who knows when to blend in and when to take charge.

Things that inspire her:  Movement, Color palettes and textures that are found in nature, Light and reflections, Lines and shapes and their influence on our gaze



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