Business forums, exhibitions, galas, cocktail parties, Christmas functions, Auctions, Award Ceremonies, Guest speeches…


Any event to the public. Music or Cultural Festivals, exhibitions, fairs, sports events…



STEP 1 Preparation

Before the event I will ask you for a detailed run sheet and a “must have” shot list. If there are VIP guests or performers I will ask for a visual reference (photo) and names so it is easy for me to spot them. Parking and access to the venue are important as I usually carry a lot of gear so this is a point that I like to sort out prior to your event.

STEP 2 During the Event

I usually turn up a bit earlier to check the location and lighting and have a quick briefing. This is the time to let me know about details such as whether I can roam freely or I have to be aware or certain restrictions. If you are handing out awards this is when we discuss whether you want a photo taken and how to position yourself and your winners to do this quickly and easily.

My event photography is 90% candid and will give the viewer a feel for the energy and atmosphere of your event. If there are certain people or groups you would like photographed looking into the camera, please advise me before hand and I will of course do so.

STEP 3 Selection & Delivery

Delivery time is usually 48 hours. You will be sent a dropbox link with your low res photos and high res if required. If you need quicker delivery there will be a small surcharge.




My corporate clients LOVE (LOVE LOVE) the online client gallery I provide. I upload the low res photos (with or without your watermark on them) onto a private platform which comes with its own password and download pin. It’s like a mini website where your clients and sponsors can log on and download whichever photos they would like. It looks very professional and saves you tons of time. All you have to do is send them a thank you e-mail and add the link with the password and download pin. I can send you examples of client galleries by request.


If you are hosting a gala or a bigger event I can offer to set up a “welcome photo booth”. It consists of a photographic background and studio lights. Looks very professional and can be customized to your needs by using a logo backdrop or a photo of your choice.


I work with fixed prices but prefer not to disclose them online. Please contact me with your project and I’ll send you an according quote and answer any questions you might have.