” On the 16th March 2019, Anthony and I will be celebrating our one year anniversary. Yes, I did find love and your photos had a huge impact. Once I posted my photos on Elite Singles I was immediately contacted by possible suitors complimenting me on the pictures. It really helped me and key to getting across who I was rather than merely what I looked like. My new partner loves the photos and still talks about them today. He is an amazing man and neither of us can get over how well it has worked out. I have found the love of my lifetime and he feels the same.” // client feedback

” I found the whole experience from the photo shoot to seeing the end result such a positive and motivating one. The initial cost pales into insignificance when you connect with your soulmate. Love is priceless. I can’t thank you enough for everything you did. Good luck. // client feedback ”
” I contacted Francine with a view to having some professionally composed photos taken for my online dating profile. My friends and I aren’t into taking selfies when we are out and I felt that the limited number of photos of myself that I did have were haphazard, of poor quality and didn’t do credit to me.
From our first email contact Francine was easy to communicate with, completely transparent about the cost involved (which was very reasonable I might add) and a two hour photo shoot was able to be quite readily and quickly arranged. Whilst I was somewhat nervous at the commencement of the shoot Francine’s relaxed manner soon put me at ease. I actually ended up really enjoying the shoot. When the photos came through I was thrilled with the results and they have certainly increased my response rate on online dating sites.” // client feedback

A picture says more than 1000 words

It is a fact that our brain processes images a lot quicker than any written content. If you want to have a successful dating profile having quality photos is indispensable. Pictures also trigger emotions and this is how you create interest.


Why your usual corporate head shots don’t work

Your prospective dates want to see you in your natural environment doing what you do on a daily basis. It makes them feel like they get a glimpse of your life. It will also help create initial content for conversations about things you might have in common or things they saw you do that makes them curious. A corporate head shot doesn’t really tell them anything about yourself.


Attraction lays in articulation

You might meet someone and feel very attracted to that person. But when you show photos to your friends you find it hard to find a photo that reflects what you see in that person. We are not just attracted by looks but by how someone moves, articulates. It is difficult to capture this in a photograph especially if it is posed and you’re sitting still. But because the way I shoot captures you mid motion doing what you love, I manage to capture at least a bit of that motion that can make you attractive to others.


How we guarantee your success

  1. Variety

There are different facets that make you as a person. You want to show at least three of them in your photos. Examples are:

. Work

. Training

. Outdoor activities

. Hobbies

. Family if you have kids for example

. In a casual environment with friends if you are a social person

It is important that those scenarios are genuine. People viewing your profile will know straight away if they can relate to you and your world.


  1. Quality

Quality photographs will stand out instantly as most dating profiles have very average photos. It will also show that you value quality and are happy to invest into your best asset: yourself. Which in return means that you are serious about finding a relationship and want to invest into something long lasting with someone that shares your standards.


  1. Authenticity

Nothing about your shots will be overly posed. It shows you for who you are, just from “your best side”.


How I work

I’m a candid photographer which means I observe and capture what I see. We will also include naturally posed photos where you look at the camera but the whole process is very natural and relaxed. You will get your files in low resolution (for your web profiles) but also in high resolution in case you want to print them out later.

These are the two options:



Two hour environmental portrait session.

Includes candid and naturally posed shots including up to 4 situations / outfit changes. Pre planning is required. We’ll talk about which scenarios you would like to include and how we can best do it on the day. I will also ask you to do some research into photos you like to give me a bit of an idea of what style you naturally gravitate towards.



Three hour paparazzi style coverage of your day.

If you are too busy to free two hours, no problem. You follow your usual schedule while I take photos of you on the job, training, following your routine. The result will be mostly candid shots but we’ll include occasional naturally posed shots. The only pre-planning required is for you to pick the best time of day in your schedule to cover at least two to three facets of your personality or different scenarios. Longer hours can be booked at additional cost.


Prices are fixed but I prefer to discuss individually. Please contact me for more information! info@francineschaepper.com