I like on location photo shoots for family portraits. I find them more fun, more relaxed and more individual then when shot in the studio. Yes, there can be more challenges but that only adds to the experience.

This family was passing through Melbourne on a family holiday in Australia. As New Yorkers their colour coordination was impeccable (they were 11 in total!). Everybody was dressed in shades of blues and whites and off whites which was in perfect harmony with the beachy background. I can imagine how much effort must have gotten into that but it was absolutely worth it.

Once again, preparation is key. Especially with a big group of people. First of all, know your location and think about what will work well in terms of colours and textures (I can help with that). You can either aim at being harmonious (like this shoot was) or you can “clash” by using complimentary colours or textures that stand out. For some inspiration look up the “colour wheel” and you’ll see which colour is complimentary or harmonious with the main colour of your background for example.

To give you an idea, let’s take a beach shoot as an example:
1. Harmonious or relaxed
shades of blue and white, shades of beige and browns
textures such as linen, flowy dresses, soft lines. Add bare feet, wearing hair down or in a loose braid…
2. Disharmonious or “clashing”
this is by no means negative, just a different energy.
Colours such as orange, yellow, red or purple or black
Rigid cuts, rough textures, very straight lines and cuts, closed shoes, hair worn tightly combed back…

I find that harmonious looks work best for family shoots and a more disharmonious or clashing look is what we often aim for for fashion shoots. It is entirely up to you what you want your shoot to be like as long as it matches your family and the energy that is you! =)