The Art of War.

As a Martial Artist of 20 years, Francine has a passion for the Arts and seeks to defuse the common misconception that all martial arts are brutal and dangerous to train. She realised that photography was a great tool to put martial arts into a different light, and to show it to the world. And so this became her Niche. 

The photos she takes for martial arts academies around Australia show the dedication, respect, precision and positive impact of martial arts for people of all ages.  

The Warriors Series (photos below) is a personal project of hers that showcases a powerful, unique and almost gentle side of martial arts.The subjects seem to hover in their stance but the subtle tension suggests that the photo was taken mid movement. The subjects look strong, determined and focused but in no way aggressive or dangerous. The environments were chosen to either underline the origins or the flow of each specific Artform.  

If you want to see more, head over to Martial Arts Photography International ( ) which offers photography services specifically for the martial arts industry.  

© photos copyright Francine Schaepper 2020