Any small business should invest in professional promotional photos. Why? Your first contact with most potential clients is online. They browse the internet for a studio that is conveniently located not too far from them but chances are that there are more than one. So what you want to do is make sure you stand out. Relevant content and a clear time table are important but it is proven that we react a lot more to images than text. Therefore, make sure that you have images that represent your studio as best possible! You want bright, inviting photos that show instructors and clients alike. Your website should be set up as if somebody walked into your studio and the images should reflect that. This is for two reasons: if it looks inviting, you are much more likely for people to give you a call and ask for more information. Once they come in, they will feel like they already know the place which makes them feel safe. A feeling of familiarity will help you convince them that your studio is the best choice for them.

I take photos of various Pilates and Yoga studios and even if the angles are similar the photos are never the same. I am an observant and intuitive photographer which means that my photos always reflect what I see and the energy of a place. We do set the poses up so we can get the best angle but apart form that all shoots are very relaxed and flow. It’s almost like you are teaching a class or doing a private lesson just a little bit slower and with me there.

This small studio is located in a suburb of Melbourne. Very bright, inviting and 2 minutes away from the ocean it is has all that a Pilates studio needs. The bright and bubbly personality of the very professional Owner Kimi is reflected in every detail of the studio. Definitely recommend checking it out.