Portrait Sessions


Shot at your premises using studio lights and a plain or textured background


Shot on location e.g. for athletes, creatives & small business owners. The background underlines your message and adds a unique feel to it. Classic example: yoga poses at the beach or Corporate Head shot on site (we can be as creative as you like).


Basic head & shoulders head shots for your portfolio and print if needed. Usually booked by actors, creatives or models. The latter might want to add an environmental shoot to cover various looks.

The above are the most booked portrait Sessions. We can of course talk about Kids, Family or even Pet portraits…



STEP 1 Preparation

It is best to come prepared!  I always ask my clients to send me some visual references to make sure we are on the same page. Having to look for a selection of portraits that you like will help you fine tune your own vision (plus it will give you some ideas on “posing” – more on that below). I will help you make sure that the style and look suit your purpose. Based on the selection we will then have a chat about location, what to wear and hair & make-up if applicable.

STEP 2 Actual Photo Shoot

I am an intuitive rather than a technical photographer. We will set up lighting and start shooting. I don’t like to pose people too much but will rather be inspired by how you move and interact naturally. Based on that I will give you hints and direction on how to best position yourself in regards to the camera. For most of us having our photo taken feels a bit awkward therefore I suggest that you practise some “posing” in front of the mirror at home. You’ll have a good laugh and having an idea on what you think works or doesn’t will make you feel more at ease on the day.

STEP 3 Selection

After our shoot I’ll send you PROOFS to look through and make your selection (amount of photos you get to choose will depend on what type of portrait session you book). Those will then be edited and sent to you as high res and low res files. Depending on the style of your portrait session there are additional services I offer (e.g. for corporate).


I work with fixed prices but prefer not to disclose them online. Please contact me with your project and I’ll send you an according quote and answer any questions you might have.