Besides being a photographer I train and teach martial arts and am used to watching, studying and correcting alignment, extension and energy of movements. I believe that you can only successfully capture movement if you understand it.

This is why any of my sports or fitness shoots resemble a workout more than a staged shoot and the workflow is very organic.

Before the shoot, I will ask three things of you as my client:

  1. Send me photos you like so I have an idea of the final look you are after
  2. Show me your current website, social media & overall communication so we can make sure the photos fit in sizing, look and message. It is important that you know what you are after for me to be able to capture it.
  3. To put together a “run sheet” for the day

Why a run sheet if my shoots are supposed to be organic? Well, you book me for a more or less set amount of time (usually 2 hours for shoots at your studio). So having a run sheet is a little bit like preparing the cornerstones before running a class. You have some set points that you want to teach that day and the rest flows depending on what students attend, what questions come up or what strike of genius you might have.

The main benefits of a run sheet for sports shoots are

  1. You can practise your poses (yoga), forms (martial arts), jumps (dancing) etc. before the shoot and correct alignment and posture so you will feel more confident on the day
  2. I can look up those poses or your style and get inspiration on angles, lighting & movement before the shoot which also makes me more confident on the day

So as a result we both get to the shoot with a clear idea of what we are after which usually gives us a lot more room to play and be flexible. For you it will feel like a training session with some creative direction thrown in. 

For rates or more information, please shoot me an e-mail at


Happy training!