I do get asked a lot if I shoot weddings and yes, I do. I don’t advertise and I’m selective as to which weddings I agree to cover. It is important to me that I “click” with the couple and that they like my natural style of shooting any event, including a wedding.

Like with my other shoots I don’t like to pose people very much but rather get inspired by how they move and interact naturally. As a result, I don’t like spending three hours out of a wedding day taking photos of the couple – they should be celebrating with their friends and family! We usually allocate about one hour to shoot and the rest of the day I’ll be the fly on the wall trying to capture as many small and big moments as possible.

Last year a friend of mine flew me to Switzerland (my home country) to cover her wedding. It was held in the area of Flims/Laax (Graubuenden) which is a beautiful region with natural forests, blue mountain lakes and mountain backdrops. Needless to say we had a lot of amazing locations to choose from!

Lesson learned: be careful when shooting at mid day, in the heat, in the Swiss mountains! The sun packs a punch! I ended up with a pretty bad sun stroke but luckily was able to finish shooting the whole wedding.