As a visual brand specialist I help business owners align their photo to message match so they can reach their dream clients. I also help my clients build clarity and confidence in their visual identity.



THURSDAY 30.09.2021 / 10am – 11am / YOUR BRAND IN PICTURES free workshop (zoom)

THURSDAY 07.10.2021 / 1pm – 2:30pm / CREATE YOUR OWN STOCK PHOTO DATABASE (zoom)

WEDNESDAY 03.11.2021 / 1pm-2pm / PHOTOS THAT WORK / 6 Week online coaching program (zoom)

Launching 1.10.2021 / PROFESSIONAL VIP PHOTO SERVICE (exclusive “stock photos” for you)


1. Your Brand in Pictures


We will discover and anchor your vision and get you ready and excited about creating the RIGHT visual content for your brand.


If a picture says 1000 words, you want to make sure the photos that represent your brand tell the right story! Do they?

Let me show you a new, innovative and fun (!) way of approaching your brands’ visual content.

Discover your vision and learn the top 3 secrets on how to gain total clarity for your next photo shoot or your day to day social media content. I will guide you through my process and you will walk away with certainty that your brand will look the part online and on any platform.

Let’s anchor your vision and get you ready and excited about creating the RIGHT visual content for your brand. You will be proud of how you show up online!

I can’t wait to meet you and your brand and help you elevate your visual presence in the world! Places are limited so make sure to book your spot today!

Francine, FS/STUDIOS



Ria / Fitness Coach: I always look for inspo, but looking for inspo that’s on brand with what I want people to “see” was a great shift. Thank you

Magda / functional nutritionist: Hi Francine. The Workshop was super fun and very casual, felt more like night out with friends while learning. I understand the concept of vision board much better now.

Jesse / martial arts school owner & instructor

The main thing I got out of it was a way to create a brand image that I could pass to someone who can take it and run with it and keep to it at the same time. A system where I can have an instructor take the photos I want to use.

Jenny / Brand manager

I loved very much when you said that the pictures / mood board will make you feel something. And I love how parallel it is to the words that we use, right?  So it doesn’t necessarily have to be a literal direct translation. But that the visuals evoke an emotion and that’s how you know you’ll build a brand.

Helen M / skincare specialist

It was quite a revelation for me as to how I can tap into and utilise Pinterest to clarify my own vision for my business . She helped us understand how to use Pinterest to source ideas and inspiration which can then guide us in our branding and marketing messaging. She gave me some brilliant ideas which I can use to really gain some clarity. She is great to listen to and makes it very real and worthwhile.


NEXT WORKSHOP DATE: Thursday 30th of September, 10am – 11am // BOOKED OUT




1. Create your own “stock photo” library / masterclass

Let’s get you transitioned from generic stock photos to scroll-stopping exclusive visual content!

Guess What?


If you are feeling a bit frazzled and fuzzy about what photo content to use to support your narratives on socials, blogs or newsletters this is for you!

No more frustration and wasted time trying to find the right photos.

No more wasted money on stock photo subscriptions just to see the same photo on your competitors’ page!

In this workshop, I will show you how to create your very OWN and exclusive photo content specifically designed to support your narrative on socials, blogs or newsletters. I call this “secondary” visual content for your brand and once you know what to look for, it’s super easy to create yourself!

I will share with you my successful approach when capturing “mood photos” and “secondary content” for my key clients. I will teach you some easy skills and techniques so you can do this on your own, using your smart phone or favourite camera.

Ready to show up with scroll-stopping visual content exclusive to your brand?

For the first time ever, I will be teaching my 5 “I”s approach:

1. INSPIRATION * your personal visual taste

2. INTENTION * your photo to message match

3. INTUITION * how to improve your photographic eye

4. INTELLIGENCE * easy tech hacks for better photos (smartphone!)

5. IMPLEMENTATION * taking the shots

6. INVENTORY * workflow & organizing your database

I can’t wait to get you excited about creating your own visual content!


NEXT WORKSHOP DATE: Thursday 30th of September, 1pm – 2:30 pm