Francine is a strong believer that photography teaches you to rethink how you look at the world around you. She finds inspiration in Travel & Culture, Movies, Movement & Sports, The Ocean, Art such as Sumi-e & Brush paintings.  

The underlying element in all of Francine’s photographs is movement and flow. Paired with an excellent eye for lighting and detail, the results are dynamic yet harmonious photos with a cinematic feel. Whether it is an event, a portrait or a promotional shoot, the result is a reflection of what she sees and feels with very little added to it. Her clients appreciate her talent of translating the essence of their business or themselves into stills images that can represent them professionally but also authentically. 

As an intuitive rather than technical photographer, Francine likes the “fly on the wall” approach. She does not often aim for big set ups. But when she does set a scene, she chooses locations, textures and items that will underline or reflect the mood and feel that she is after for a particular photograph. Francine will choose working on location over studio work as she finds it more organic, unique and “alive”. This is probably best shown in her “warriors series”. 

Working with Francine is pretty straight forward. As an excellent communicator she will approach any client in a structured manner from pre- to post production. She will aim at understanding what each client is after or help them define it, if they are unsure. Her approachable, easy going but confident nature makes it easy for clients to relax. Her event clients appreciate that she is a non-intrusive photographer who knows when to blend in and when to take charge.

Francine’s main clients are small to medium businesses in the health, wellness & sports/movement industry and she is also a well sought after event photographer in the corporate world.

ARTIST statement

I believe that photography teaches us to rediscover how we look at the world around us and to explore things from different angles. A shift of perspective is often all it takes to turn something mundane into something unusual and exciting.

I am often told that my photographs have a cinematic feel. This element is most apparent in my black and white photography and comes from the love of lighting used in film noir. I love the simplicity of black and white photography as it allows shadows and light to be the true heroes of the shot without much distraction. I prefer harmonious and balanced images that suggest rather than provoke.

Another underlying element in all my photographs is movement. Professional athletes and their incredible control of movement fascinate me. Even when they are still, their bodies retain a certain sense of movement. Subtle or explosive, movement is energy and there is energy in everything.  This is reflected in my work that sometimes boldly heroes and sometimes subtly suggests movement.

BIOGRAPHY “the story”

Her work has yet to make it onto the walls of the Rip Curl flagship store in Torquay or into one of Melbourne’s prestigious galleries. But if you happen to make a quick virtual tour on Google’s newly launched Arts & Culture App you’ll find Francine’s photos featured on the National Australian Surf Museum page and on other Iconic Australian Museums & Sports institutions like the MCG, the Australian Tennis Museum and Rugby Australia. 

Until reaching fame on billboards, Francine will happily continue showing her work to anyone lucky enough to visit her bright and brand new studio in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. 

Francine’s professional background is quite the story and we’re trying to keep it short! (Congratulations if you’ve made it this far)


Francine’s professional career began as a trained Make-up Artist in Switzerland. While she was very good at it and loved the challenges, she felt that this profession was underappreciated (and highly underpaid). Always the business man her dad suggested she study something more “solid” as well and this led her to: no, not photography but TOURISM! 


Born in Switzerland Francine has always had the very Swiss syndrome of loving to travel! So studying to become a Tourism Specialist seemed logical. Faith had it that Switzerland Tourism in NYC was looking for interns precisely during Francine’s interim year so she jumped onto that opportunity. While she spent her daytime trying to explain to Americans that nobody would just walk from Zurich to Geneva, figuring out the best train routes or looking up where to pick a specific mushroom, she lived her “Sex and the City” life by night. She could be found on NYC rooftops and in various photo studios all over the Big Apple assisting rising fashion photographers of the NY scene as a Make-up Artist. Without realizing it, these were Francine’s first steps towards photography.  


Back in Switzerland and after finishing her Tourism studies, Francine got a job in Marketing for the high end hair brand REDKEN / L’OREAL that had nothing to do with Tourism but everything to do with beauty products (yey)! Being back in her element of style and design, she spent the next years learning everything about marketing, digital design, event management and the corporate world (and also about hair styling, models, licensing rights and copyright). 


But of course, change was on the horizon as Francine’s great love the ocean was calling. At the age of 28, she decided that she needed to go on yet another adventure which led her straight to Australia. She’s now been living in Melbourne since 2007 and this is also where she eventually studied and started her journey in Photography. 


Francine had the option to choose photography as a profession early on in her life but is grateful that she took some detours first. Her somewhat colorful background has given her many tools that help her produce better photos and run a better business. And even though goodbyes never get easier, she’s very happy to call oceanic Australia her home as much as mountainous Switzerland. It’s all about the right balance. 

to be continued…