This is for a bit of fun

I’m definitely guilty of not having recorded a lot of bts in the past but I herewith promise that I will be posting a lot more in the future as I know that the process is quite interesting, entertaining and more often than not amusing to my friends & followers!

I often joke that I can’t do any outdoor shoot without coming out of it either muddy (forest shoots), looking like a Schnitzel (beach shoots) or covered in dust (industrial shoots). Now… I am a martial artist and and a bit of a movement fanatic of more than 20 years. Which means that when I shoot – I am always on the move. This includes climbing on top of things, laying flat on the ground (one of my favs) or dropping into and shooting from some Kung Fu stance that I’m just used to. Why? That’s how I get my best shots!

So for now, here is a bit of a collection of Francine’s photo stances! And maybe you can find the according final shot in the galleries. =)

P.S.: I’m always on the lookout for assistants to shoot some bts photo or video content for me in exchange for some photo wisdom. So if that’s you, please be in touch!