This space is for all hobby photographers and photography enthusiasts who are eager to know more without wanting to go pro!

I offer personalised and compact courses in a relaxed and hands on environment with a right mix of some theory and lots of practical work. After an initial session at my studio, we’ll go out on location and get you started with taking your photos to the next level. My aim is to give you the tools but also the inspiration needed so you can keep going and growing on your own!  I mainly offer one on one private tuition but I can also arrange for small groups. 






Consider me your “personal trainer” in photography. This is your unique, flexible, custom made course! Photography tutoring made to fit your needs and abilities. In a first step we will assess your “fitness level” in photography. Then we will discuss where we want to get you to and how much time and $ you want to invest. And then it’s about setting up a training schedule and go!

This type of coaching is perfect for you if you don’t want to go pro, but want to better your photography skills towards a certain goal in a short amount of time.



In most cases we will have our first session at my studio or meet in a cafe for an initial chat. My aim is for you to learn everything you need in an appropriate hands on environment around Melbourne ~ outdoors or on location. There are only a few exceptions that will have to be done indoors which are any tutorials requiring a computer to learn about workflow or basic editing with Lightroom.

We will compare our schedules and find a time that suits us both. It can be weekends, during the week, evenings or daytime. The choice of daytime might also depend on the content of your course!



That depends on the defined content. A dSLR camera with manual focus will be best in most cases but if your aim is more composition based you can also do a course with a newer point and shoot. I also offer courses solely based on bettering your photography skills using a smart phone!



~ get you close and personal with you gear

~ guide you to find your own “eye”

~ help you change the way you look at things in order for you to take better photos



As stated above, content will be made to fit the individual. Some inspiration…..

~ learn to use your camera on manual settings

~ deepen your understanding and control of manual setting

~ get more creative using aperture, shutter speed and ISO

~ learn about night photography

~ improve your composition

~ smart phone photography

~ basic workflow and retouching using LR

~ tips & applications for travel photography

~ learn more about a certain type of photography (environmental portraiture, kids, landscape, travel, macro, night photography etc. etc.)

~ how to create an online photo book including basic editing

~ create wall art using your photos

….. the list is endless. You dictate the content.



~ hobby photographer

~ photography enthusiast

~ someone with a passion in certain areas of photography

~ someone who might need photography as part of their job

* these courses do not replace a proper photography education, and no diploma will be handed out.



Sessions are held in 2h blocks. Anything less is not enough and I find that anything more is usually too much.

One two hour session for one person is  $ 199.~

There is an option to buy a package of 4, 6, 8 or 10 classes up front and save some $$ and please contact me for pricing for two people or small groups.

Please e-mail me to discuss what you are after, to get a price list and an enrolment form. I am only taking a limited number of students at any time, so make sure you get in quickly!




There are different modules that are conducted at different times, mostly on Saturdays or Sundays. Every walk is 3 hours. These courses are built upon request and will be conducted if I have enough people for a walk. Below are some examples of modules but I can design custom made courses if you are a company or a group of friends who have a specific desired outcome.

. module 1: learn to use your camera on MANUAL SETTING within only three hours!

. module 2: repetition of manual setting, focus on BETTER COMPOSITION

. module 3: repetition of composition with focus on DESIGN ELEMENTS

. photo album 1: how to design an awesome album using an online software

. photo album 2: print and glue!

. basic workflow: how to get your photos from camera to computer, keep them organised and backed up

. wall art: discover various ways of making your own wall art

. explore ways to display photos in your home apart from boring old picture frames

price per course and person is $ 99.~ (minimum of three people per course)