I help photography enthusiasts and business professionals improve their photography skills towards a specific goal.

No matter whether you have the newest Dslr and 10 lenses or you are just using your smart phone, I will give you the right tools and inspiration you need to reach YOUR photographic goals and have fun doing so.

I like working one on one or in small groups so I can really focus on your needs.

Are you ready to get started?

Inspiration for Business Owners

We often think of photography as just taking a picture but there is a lot more to it especially if you use the photos in your business. It is important to me, that you get the content that YOU need at this point in time. After an initial chat, we will put together a personalized tuition plan for you. Below are a few topics that I cover with business clients on a regular basis:

  • Unlock your artistic eye and improve your day to day social media photos
  • Lighting Tipps for selfies / videos or quick product shots
  • Overcome daily photo challenges
  • Use your camera to it’s full potential
  • Solidify your intention for your brands’ visual identity
  • Your team as your visual brand ambassadors!
  • Synchronize your Photo to Message match
  • Use all your resources intelligently
  • Workflow and organizing your photos
  • Basic editing (apps or programs)

The location will depend on the content of your sessions and can be via zoom, at my studio in Melbourne, on location or at your premises. I’m very hands on so each session will contain a balanced mix of theory and practical application.

A session is usually held in a 2 hour block but we can be flexible around that.

You will get a complimentary initial 20 minute one on one call with me so we can get to know each other and discuss the ideal plan for you!

Inspiration for Photography Enthusiast

I offer personalised and compact courses in a relaxed and hands on environment with a right mix of some theory and lots of practical work. After an initial chat & coffee, we will go out on location and get you started with taking your photos to the next level. My aim is to give you the tools but also the inspiration needed so you can keep going and growing on your own!  I mainly offer one on one private tuition but I can also arrange for small groups.

For Dslr courses we usually spend the first session getting you off auto mode and into manual mode as this offers a lot more room for creativity! If you are already confident in manual mode, we can start looking at composition, angles and more complex content.

Here are a few topics that I cover regularly with my photo enthusiasts:

  • Unlock your artistic eye: learn to really see what’s around you
  • Learn to use your camera on manual settings
  • Deepen your understanding and control of manual setting
  • Creative use of ISO, aperture & shutter speed
  • Improve your composition
  • Lighting (ambient and controlled)
  • Smart Phone photography including editing apps
  • Basic workflow and retouching
  • Tips and applications for travel photography
  • Learn more about a certain type of photography (landscapes, kids, travel, macro, night…)
  • How to create an online photo book including basic editing
  • Creating wall art using your photos

The location will depend on the content of your sessions. Face to face tuition will be based in Melbourne and I also offer private tuition via zoom.

A session is usually held in a 2 hour block to get you the most out of it.

You will get a complimentary initial 10 minute one on one call with me so we can get to know each other and discuss content for your one on one session!