The art of converting the essence of your business into photographs. 

If you are after a photographer who produces individual, enticing and fresh photos, then Francine is your person. Her candid and natural style of shooting particularly resonates with small businesses in the movement, health, beauty and lifestyle industries. But with her eye for detail and unusual angles Francine has had a lot of success with small accounting firms, chocolate shops or plain product photography. 

The focus of our promotional shoots is to create images that help convey the feeling, essence, look, quality and range of your products and services to attract new clients and customers. 

You will be highly involved in the process from beginning (conceptualization) to end (editing style). Whether you already have a strong brand or are still putting the pieces together, our aim is to create images that are unique to you and make you stand out from the crowd. Francine will address all the key points early in the process so your promotional shoot can be approached in an organized and structured manner. And most of all, so you can have fun during your shoot!

© photos copyright Francine Schaepper 2021