“As a martial artist I would love to have some professional action shots of myself when I was China fit!” Francine says. “So much work goes into gaining peak performance and even if you are a professional athlete, it can be hard to maintain. That’s why I believe it’s worthy of a hero shot that will remind you that you did that!”

Athlete Action Shoots focus on highlighting your most impressive way of moving. Whatever your style of movement, we are after the “wow effect”, that hero shot. The choice of outdoor location is deliberate and aimed at adding extra impact and feel to your shot. The aim is to create an image that you will be proud to display at your home.

“Movement is a dynamic process that needs an organic and instinctive approach”, says our movement photographer Francine.¬†High end camera equipment is essential but her background in martial arts, dance and various sports has schooled her instinct and eye for movement. The photos created are dynamic, powerful and real.

All the photos are taken during an active movement sequence.